Detox Tea at the Local Tea Room is formulated to help the body feel better and increase the process with a balance of warm and cooling elements.

What's the Detox Tea

Detox Tea's are a popular topic in the health world and they have been popular for some time.  Detox Tea comes in many different forms and can target different problems.  Nevertheless, drinking a detox tea is a health option for nearly everyone and it is safe to consume.


The Local Tea Room offers an exciting detox tea can be consumed on a regular bases.   Our detox tea blend include herbs, spices, and use a green tea as the foundation. Everyone knows green tea is very healthy tea so it serves to pick a green tea as a base over other tea options.

The Doctor's view on the tea:

"Green tea is a fascinating tea with a lot of healing properties.  The base of the tea is a green tea. In Chinese Medicine we call it Lu Cha.  Green tea is a "cooling" tea.  The cooling aspect is important because of the other herbs in the detox tea are considered to be warm or hot.  The formula that combines cooling properties and warm properties leads to a therapeutic balance. Basil, black pepper and ginger are hot herbs.  Hot herbs are used to "speed" things up and help them "move along".  That is what makes this tea a beneficial herbal detox tea." - Dr. Erin T. Murphy, DAOM


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