About Dr. Murphy DAOM

Dr. Murphy in the doctoral program
Dr. Murphy became interested in herbal therapy in high school and often experimented with developing herb infused oils and other forms of natural medicine.  Erin earned her title as an Herbalist under Eastern Asian studies including Chinese Medicine and Chinese Herbal Therapy.

She combines her understanding of herbalism with tea's to evolve teas into beneficial drinks.  She started combining tea and Chinese herbs in 2004 as part of a natural curiosity.

Today, the teas and the herbs are part of the natural healing process that strengthens the body in a wide variety of ways. Drinking tea is a healthy option for most people. 

Dr. Murphy is also the owner and operator for the Local Healing House where she primarily work with veterans on a wide range of health issues.   She offers acupuncture and massage therapy along with herbal therapy. Her passion for the veterans is why she is embarking on the tea and herbal therapy business.  She hopes to raise money to purchase a larger clinic which would allow her to treat more people on a ground floor with better parking.Local Healing HouseIf you would like to set up a consultation for an herbal evaluation, please visit our other web site at www.LocalHealingHouse.com or book online here.