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Organic Earl Gray Tea

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Whole Leaf in a Tea Bag
Earth Friendly packaging


After a year of planning, researching, and lots of mistakes, I finally have launched my first product on amazon which is an Organic Earl Gray Tea that is Earth Friendly by using less plastic, less metal, and a more natural tea bag. The Earl Gray Tea uses organic tea (black) and bergamot, following the traditional directions for the English delight.

I started The Local Tea Room in 2022 because I had a passion for tea. As a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, I recognize tea as the first form of medicine. Today, the FDA has placed a ban on any medical claims about herbal therapy and tea. Nevertheless, we can still enjoy organic tea and its benefits.

Many tea bag companies use low grade, nearly trash level tea in their bags that are designed to hide the low quality. At The Local Tea Room, I have spent a year researching different farms, growers, and producers to assure our products use Premium Assam Orthodox Whole Leaf and Bergamot peel. This is the way of Earl Gray Tea. The deep and rich red color indicates why some people call the whole leaf “red” instead of “black”. The tea boast of fruity and malty overtones. The aroma is heavy but refreshing.

Earl Gray Tea reminds me of my grandma when we would sit on her back porch in Royal Palm and listen to the crickets sining in the damp Florida heat. She would pour the tea into dainty cup with orange flowers, a dash of sugar and a splash of milk.



  • Organic Black Tea
  • Bergamot


  • Cup of water
  • Boil water
  • One Earth Friendly Tea Bag
  • Brew for 3-4 Min

Additional Information

  • Aroma: Citrusy
  • Caffeine: Hight
  • Tasting Notes: Full-Bodies Strong Citrusy
  • Appearance: Bright Cup with a Coppery Highlights


  • Metabolism
  • Stress
  • Skin
  • Digestion

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It is a blessing to travel. Blessed with friends from all over the world, I feel unlimited in my ability to explore. Travel is essential to learning about culture and gain a deeper meaning to life.

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  • Truly, the tea is as fresh as possible and from the other side of the world.

    Do not expect these tea's to arrive within a week. All tea's are made to order and packaged at the time of ordering. The tea's are kept at the farms in their facility. This assures the freshest tea. It can take several days to weeks for the tea to arrive. The tea will be inspect by customs before arriving to you.